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As all Presidents are to Warbound!

"This site is my small contribution toward the war effort and to remind people to keep supporting our leaders to maintain impetus".

The WarBound Principle-Summarized

WarBound honors those lost and those who still fight. WarBound strives to enjoy freedom and not take it for granted. WarBound maintains an understanding of how difficult freedom was to achieve and how much effort is required to preserve it. Read more here.......
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*******************IMPORTANT UPDATE!********************

Please, let us all have a moment of silence for the loss of Mr. James Foley. Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning, Peter Kassig and multiple others. Warbound expresses deep sadness and sorrow for thier loss to all of us. May these families have justice someday for the cruel and tragic loss of their children.

 ISIS is a sick group of cowards hiding behind cloaks. Recording such a hideous act and distributing it world wide is the most inhumane act one could do!


Friends, brief tidbit here. We lost so many on Sept. 11, 2001. If our fallen Americans and friends wanted us to learn anything...would it not most likely be...the day of September 10, 2001. By that I mean, remember that day...prior to all the tragedy arriving the next morning. Remember how comfortable and secure things were...almost too comfortable. Not only would it be a horror to return to a day like Sept. 11, 2001...but in a different sense, the day before as well. Also, the days before that one and before that one, etc. Should we ever return to a day like Sept. 10, 2001, or earlier, we will again be at our most vulnerable exposure to the people that have targeted us for death. I cannot help but ponder...If those lost could speak out, if only for a moment, surely it would be to warn us to be like Sept. 12, 2001 -vrs- two days earlier. This warning would be intended for us to not lose sight or fear of our enemies...having fear means being alert, being alert means being prepared, being prepared means defeating your enemy by eliminating their only visible advantage...the ability to surprise!

Just a thought...

Guantanamo's Unhappy Campers
From the February 11, 2002 issue: Some strange things are happening at Gitmo.
by Matt Labash
02/01/2002 6:00:00 PM


It's 5 A.M. at the Roosevelt Roads Naval station in Puerto Rico, and 20 journalists straggle to the gate in sleep-deprived silence to catch a plane to Guantanamo Bay. Many of us haven't been up this early in years. But after flying thousands of miles, then pub-crawling through the streets of Old San Juan last night, we are here because our military escorts insist we show up at this time, though the flight actually leaves four hours later. "The military operates on one principle," explains a savvy veteran: "Hurry up and wait."....More from the ©Weekly Standard

Have a few moments to spare??? Check out the CIA factbook. Specifically, look at the economies of the world proud when you read about the US !

Memories of those who have fallen....will provide fuel for those who still fight...both share the highest honor for the mightiest nation in the world!



The main loser -finally dead

The following are excerpts from the transcript of the most recent videotape of Osama bin Loser. As in previous statements, bin loser is shown making repeated references to an American "crusade" against Islam. He claims the brand of terrorism carried out by operatives of his Al Qaeda network against America is "a good accepted terrorism" with the goal of ending U.S. support for Israel, "who is killing our children." The pan-Arabic satellite channel Al-Jazeera broadcast the video on December 26, 2001:Read here...

Have You Seen These Ignorant Misguided Bastards?

The United States government is seeking information about the five suspected terrorists above. They were observed in videotapes recovered from Al Qaeda terrorist Mohammed Atef's house in Afghanistan. U.S. officials believe the men may be planning suicide terrorist acts. They have been identified as Ramzi Binalshibh, Abd Al-Rahim, Muhammad Sa'id Ali Hasan, Khalid Ibn Muhammad Al-Juhani, and Al Rauf Bin Al Habib Bin Yousef al-Jiddi.
If you have information about the whereabouts of any of these men, please contact the nearest FBI office, the FBI website, or the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

John TaliBeen (aka: Abdul Hamid or Mr. Freak Show)

While true Americans burned, exploded and fell countless stories to the ground while screaming in terror...John Bin was hanging out with his pals, the Taliban.

[Cough, cough] could this bastard of a loser, who is a member of Taliban or friend of al Qadia ( or both?), love America??? He ignores his family in America for two years...becomes a member of the Taliban who can move freely within Taliban and al Qadia circles...doesn't communicate with US authorities the whole time and he loves America? Has this loser even spoken one public word that denounces the WTC, Pennsylvania and Pentagon tragedies?

I see that his defense counsel has chosen their strategy. Let's hope the prosecution has all the ends buttoned up and that the trial is not a lengthy one...we need justice to be served the way it should be! more on the opinions page...

Warbound respects only those who support the Red, White and Blue!! Remember our government agencies make decisions daily for our freedom...sometimes they appear is only because of our limited availability of facts and information. Revealing entire packages of details could lead to failure of important is of no value to us to have more information and higher failure rates. WarBound is satisfied with less information and higher success rates to protect our asses!



WarBound wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!






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